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Fashion trends are cyclical. Styles like fanny packs and dad sneakers are making surprising comebacks, with bell-bottomed pants, now dubbed as flared leggings, gaining popularity on TikTok. So the battle is on flared yoga pants vs. leggings. Which one is more flattering and fashionable?

Are flared yoga pants the same as flared leggings?

The iconic flared pants trend is making a comeback in both denim and activewear. Millennials associate denim bell-bottoms with disco queens while the activewear version brings in the nostalgia of yoga pants from the early 2000s.

When the Gen-Z/Tik-Tok generation discovered "yoga pants", they gave them the moniker "flared leggings", but they're essentially the same thing reimagined for the post-pandemic world.

Whether you call them yoga pants or flared leggings, let's embrace the nostalgia, get on the bandwagon, and resolve the confusion about which one is more flattering and fashionable.

Flared Yoga Pants

Flared Yoga Pants

At first glance, you might confuse leggings and yoga pants. But try doing yoga poses or squats in thin leggings, and the sight can be less than ideal.

Yoga pants is the umbrella term for several bottoms used for yoga. They are made of thick, stretchy, sweat-wicking material to help you have a good workout. But nowadays, yoga pants can also be used in Pilates, running, and gym workouts. Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and RiRi, to name a few, showed us how to amp up the fashion game with a pair of lovely flares.

The classic yoga pants typically have a form-fitted silhouette from the waist to the knee and a flared design toward the bottom.

However, contemporary options now come in traditional boot-cut styles, jogger pants, loose harem pants, and straight-leg bottoms. Moreover, the style that often adds to the confusion is yoga leggings, which maintain a snug fit from the waist to the ankle while typically featuring a roll-over waistband.

Currently, yoga pants are not limited to the activewear category. They have become a fashion statement most women love because of the comfort and versatility they bring.


Leggings were initially created for layering. But it has evolved to become a fashion staple in every closet. They are now commonly worn as regular bottoms, often paired with t-shirts and oversized sweatshirts.

Let "Our Five Awesome Leggings to Obsess With" be your guide in making this fashion piece a hit in any activity you do.

When it comes to yoga practice, athletic leggings are a better choice than fashion leggings due to their high-quality fabric and suitability for workouts.

Likewise, women's thermal leggings make great base layers for autumn-to-winter transitions.

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Baleaf's Take on the Yoga Pants Revival

Baleaf was quick to hop on this fashion resurgence by creating a range of flared pants and women's leggings. But because we also want to help you declutter your closet and make each piece wearable for a variety of purposes, our flared yoga pants and leggings are not limited to activewear. They effortlessly transition from gym workouts to lunch outs or a Margarita night with friends.

We also made them suitable for cold to freezing temperatures for outdoor workouts, like our Laureate High-Rise Thermal Flare Pants, or as base layers for winter activities, like the Laureate Thermal Pocketed Leggings.

Flared Yoga Pants or Leggings: Which One Is More Flattering and Fashionable?

Though we may have our preferences, the choice between yoga pants and leggings depends on your intended activity.

If you're heading to the gym, going for a run, or engaging in intense workouts, leggings are your best option.

Leggings are the top choice for workouts because they are more streamlined and don't hinder your movements like flare-bottom yoga pants. They stay out of the way and can provide the appropriate compression for daily exercise.

If you seek athleisure comfort without the sporty aspect, flared leggings, like our Laureate High-Rise Pocketed Flared Pants, can be one of your choices, suitable for travel, errands, lounging, or even a night out.

People have also started pairing yoga pants with tops like blazers and cardigans, effortlessly elevating their style. Fleece-lined flared pants let you stay warm even when breaking a sweat in cold temperatures.

The best flared pants for your body type and personality should highlight your best features while exuding impeccable fashion sense.

What To Wear With Flared Yoga Pants

Flared yoga pants offer versatility as a casual piece that can be dressed up or down due to their leg-lengthening effect and outfit adaptability.

Pair them with a cropped top, cardigan, or layered look for an aughts-inspired fashion, or dress them up for a night out with a fitted blouse or oversized blazer. Maintaining proportion balance ensures that flared leggings outfits are a stylish choice for the season.

For footwear, easily pair your flared bottoms with a pair of classic or athletic sneakers, ankle boots, 70's style clogs, chunky sole boots, platform shoes, such as mules, and 70's style heels. With these lovely kicks, you're sure to show your unique fashion statement.

What To Wear With Leggings


The best shirts to wear with leggings are longer ones that provide rear coverage and a touch of elegance.

Avoid overly tight, short, or revealing tops. A slightly longer button-down shirt is an excellent choice to create a cute spring outfit with leggings.

For casual days or road trips, opt for leggings paired with a chambray shirt and a comfortable boyfriend tee. Complement this casual ensemble with flats, booties, or boots for a stylish yet comfortable road trip look.

Another popular option is matching leggings with a tunic, but when doing so, opt for a simple, untextured shirt that maintains clean lines and proper proportions, preventing your leggings outfit from appearing excessive or bulky.

During spring, opt for stylish flats to complement your leggings in a casual manner. Whether you choose pointy or round-toe flats with embellishments or patterns like leopard print, avoid flats with ankle straps or multiple winding straps as they can create an awkward look by overlapping with the end of your leggings.

For cold weather, rain, or snow, boots and booties are a fantastic choice to pair with leggings. The boots can be flat, wedged, or heeled.

If you're heading into snowy conditions, you can even wear snow boots with your leggings outfit.

To dress up your leggings for a night out or work, consider pairing them with heels. Pumps, particularly black pointy-toe heels, work well for both daytime and evening events, creating a timeless and elegant outfit.

The Verdict

Both yoga pants and leggings can be excellent choices. Just consider your specific intended use.

Baleaf is here to give you all the style options you need to stay fab whether working out, doing a mundane activity, or partying with friends.

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