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Meet Justin Kopacz, the innovative and joyful dad who runs with a stroller. He not only cultivates a love for fitness but also nurtures a deep connection and lifelong memories with his children.



“Becoming a father has significantly shaped my running journey.”

Baleaf: How much do you typically run? How has being a father influenced your running journey, and does it affect your goals?

Justin:I typically run between 20 to 30 miles each week, aside from other activities such as lifting, cycling, and swimming. Becoming a father has significantly shaped my running journey. My goals have become more realistic, recognizing that my time is valuable and prioritizing family moments. But incorporating my kids into my training and races, particularly running with them in the stroller, allows me to share my passion for running while spending quality time with them.


“Running with a stroller is an experience filled with challenges and delights. ”

Baleaf:Running with a stroller and participating in races while pushing your child is quite remarkable. Could you delve deeper into this experience and share specific challenges, joys, and unique moments you have encountered while combining your passion for running with the role of being a father? How has this experience shaped your running journey and your bond with your child?

Justin:Running with a stroller is an experience filled with challenges and delights. A strong headwind can be grueling, but it's more than compensated for by the joy I see in my 18-month-old daughter when she spots a dog or waves at passers-by. Participating in races while pushing kiddos in the stroller has given us unforgettable memories. A particular highlight was the Pumpkin Pie 5K last Thanksgiving, where my son was awarded a huge slice of pumpkin pie after braving the icy conditions with me. He devoured the entire slice and now, every time we race, he asks if we'll get pie at the end. These shared experiences have not only molded my running journey but also deepened the bond I have with my kids.



 “The important thing is to stay committed and keep moving.”

Baleaf: What advice or tips would you like to share with other fathers who are passionate about running and want to incorporate it into their busy lives? What has helped you successfully balance your roles as a father and a runner?

Justin:To other fathers passionate about running, I'd say be prepared for changes. Your pace might slow, your distance may decrease, and you may need to take frequent stops for park and potty breaks. But that's okay. The real joy is in the shared time and experiences. Also, always remember to bring snacks! Fitting running into a busy schedule can be a challenge, but you can always find a way, even if it means a late-night run on the treadmill. The important thing is to stay committed and keep moving.


“it a versatile choice for an active lifestyle.”

Baleaf:When did you meet Baleaf? What do you like most about it?

Justin:I first discovered Baleaf during the COVID pandemic when I took up running and triathlon as a new hobby. What I like most about the brand is its affordability, comfort, and style. The gear holds up well for running, cycling, and swimming, making it a versatile choice for an active lifestyle.


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