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Hiking is probably the most accessible outdoor sport. Without the help of high-speed and convenient means of transportation, only rely on two legs to advance in nature, from the suburbs to the countryside, from mountain to jungle, from desert wasteland to snow glacier.

Recently, we invited a couple, Mike and Sophie, two outdoor enthusiasts. They had just returned from a day hike outdoors, and Baleaf recorded their memories of the hike in a video. Mike loves the outdoors so much that he decides to bring his girlfriend Sophie back on a longer trip where they can experience what he’s discovered together. This couple is the modern millennial, travel blogging couple who are equipped with phones and cameras to share their adventures with the world. They set up camp out of the back of their cars, trek under the canopy of trees, climbed over rocks, and walked past bodies of water like streams or lakes ...

The most indispensable thing for hiking is proper outdoor wear. Baleaf offers an outdoor collection of comfort, utility, and design for avid hikers and adventurers. “Feel Good, Be Great”, as a slogan for the Baleaf outdoor collection. Baleaf hopes to instill a sense of pride in the customer when they hit the goals. We also hope to show that wearing Baleaf’s activewear will help those experiencing the outdoors find a balance between utility and fashion.


1.  Water-Resistant Puffer Sleeveless Jacket    $84.99

  • Modest turtleneck and hip coverage for added warmth
  • Full-zip closure easy to get on and off
  • Sleeveless design ensures a free range of motion
  • Quilted panels to prevent the fill from shifting
  • 4 pockets: 2 side zipper pockets & 2 big internal pockets


    2.  Water-Resistant Hooded Puffer Jacket    $119.99    

    • Full-zip
    • Hip coverage for added warmth
    • The hooded design offers full cold protection
    • Quilted panels to prevent the fill from shifting
    • 4 pockets: 2 side zipper pockets & 2 big inner pockets


      3.   Front Quilted Thermal Jacket    $40.99

      • Hood (fleece-lined) & thumbholes offer full protection from the cold
      • 2 side zippered pockets to secure your valuables
      • Full zip closure with zipper garage
      • Curved hem hugs the body & fits like a second skin
      • Slim fit


        4.   Laureate Articulated Knees Thermal Pants    $48.99

        • Windproof
        • Half-cinched waist for a more comfortable fit
        • Come with a buckle belt & belt loops
        • 3D cut on the knees for a wider range of motion
        • Drawcord-adjustable on the leg openings
        • 4 zippered pockets: 2 side pockets, 1 thigh pocket & 1 back pocket


          5.  High-Rise Lightweight Ski Down Pants    $84.99

          • High-rise style
          • Elastic waistband with drawstring for a flexible fit
          • 2 zipped side pockets to safely store your essentials
          • Quilted panels to prevent the fill from shifting
          • Elastic cuffs to prevent the cold wind from invading


            6.  Thermal Hooded Softshell Windbreaker (MEN)   $64.99

            • Full-zip closure
            • Detachable hood to customize your needs
            • Elastic cuff and adjustable hem for better warmth
            • 5 pockets: 3 zipper pockets & 2 inner pockets 

              7.  Water-Resistant Puffer Jacket (MEN)    $39.99 $31.99 

              • Windproof
              • Full-zip closure with a 2-way zipper
              • High neck
              • 3 pockets: 2 side zipped pockets & 1 chest pocket


                8.  Laureate UPF50+ Watch Window Sun Hoodie (MEN)    $32.99

                • Full-zip closure with a 2-way zipper
                • Watchwindow on both wrists - allow you to check up on the GPS easily while you're on the move
                • A hood & thumbholes offer full protection from the sun 
                • 3 pockets: 2 zipped hand pockets & 1 inner pocket


                  9.  Laureate Front Quilted Jacket  (MEN)    $52.99

                  • High neck
                  • Detachable elastic hood and thumbholes
                  • 4 pockets: 2 side zippered pockets and 2 internal pockets
                  • Full zip closure with zipper garage



                    10.  Evergreen Thermal Long-Sleeve (MEN)    $36.99 $29.99

                    • V-neck
                    • Flatlock seamlines and no-tag collar - minimize chafing & increase comfort


                      Winter Hiking Notes and Tips

                      1. Check the weather ahead of time: winter is a beautiful season with mostly sunny weather for hiking. A few days before you leave, check the climate change of the hiking area and prepare appropriate warm and cold clothing according to the temperature.
                      2. Know the trekking route: determine the route well in advance, and distribute the time forhiking, resting and eating to ensure that you can get down the mountain before it gets dark.
                      3. Wear layers: compared with the warm and stable indoor and the urban with more sheltered places, the outdoors is full of changes and needs timely adjustment of clothing.This is known as layering (inside for quick-drying undergarments; the middle for a warm and breathable thermal layer, and the outside for a windproof and warm jacket), which can be adjusted according to the temperature at any time.
                      4. Note the time. the outdoors with snow is beautiful in winterand it's easy to linger; the days are also short in winter, especially in the mountains, where the light gets dark quickly after sunset. So to make sure you reach your destination before it gets dark, pay attention to the time!
                      5. Stay hydrated: in the outdoors, it is important to stay hydrated. Especially when peopleare hiking, the human body will sweat a lot and it is extremely easy to become dehydrated, so hydration is especially important.
                      6. Hiking tips: When hiking, packas little luggage as possible. Carry a walking stick to save energy and for safety. When it comes to climbing routes, it is best to take the "zigzag" route on steep slopes to reduce the slope; do not walk too fast down the hill and do not put too much strain on your knees and leg muscles to prevent knee injuries or muscle strains.
                      7. Rest tips: take a 10-minute break after 50 minutes of hiking; do not sit on damp ground or wind outlet when taking a break, do not take off your clothes or hat in case of cold; unzip the underarm zipper of your coat or loosen the collar slightly when you're sweating.


                        Choose Your Hiking Gear

                        1. Trekking poles: In long-distance hiking, trekking poles are a necessary piece of equipment. In case of danger, it can also play the role of support and assistance.
                        2. Hiking shoes: When hiking in winter, the waterproof and breathable performance of hiking shoes is very demanding. Outdoor hiking, rain is inevitable, not to mention that it may be hiking in the snow. Only waterproof and non-breathable shoes, the sweat on the feet will cause the shoes to be very damp and make people feel very uncomfortable.
                        3. Winter jacket and waterproof pants: outdoor clothing needs both windproof, waterproof, and breathable functions. Down jacket, fleece jacket: mainly windproof, warm. Wicking underwear: to keep the body dry. 3.
                        4. Backpack: according to the route length and time decide how large capacity a hiking bag to use.
                        5. Gloves:choose warm, windproof and waterproof, and wear-resistant.
                        6. Socks: be sure to bring spare socks in winter outdoors, because socks with moisture may freeze into ice when you get up the next morning.
                        7. Hat: one of the necessities of winter hiking, because more than 30% of the body's heat is dissipated from the head and neck.
                        8. Headlamp, rechargeable battery, whistle, etc.: headlamps or flashlights can play a warning role in addition to lighting when it is critical; survival whistle: a reminder to call for help in case of accidents.
                        9. Food and water:It is always a good idea to bring more food and water in case your trip takes longer than expected.
                        10. Common drugs: outdoor hiking must carry good common drugs, in case there are players injured can not be timely treatment.


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