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When everything around you is fast-paced, so should be your workout. Try this at home HIIT workout for beginners and stay safe and fit.

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We all live in a fast paced world. Everything around us is always on the go. At work, our managers want quick results. At home, the kids want quick meals. And when it comes to weight management, we all want quick and effective weight loss. And there is no better way to get optimal fitness than a HIIT workout. A fast-paced, high intensity workout is fast, intense, and is always efficient.

And just because you are a beginner in the area of general fitness and weight loss and you are all home-bound due to the COVID-19 pandemic, does not mean you cannot try a HIIT workout. You can try our at home, beginner level HIIT workout without any equipment from the comfort of your home. And that is probably the best part about a HIIT workout; you can do it anywhere and you can adjust it to any intensity.

All you have to do is perform the exercises as fast as you can and indulge in heavy breathing. And just with a few minutes of HIIT workout that you can try at home, you will continue to lose fat for quite some time throughout the day. But before you get into the details of the workout, it is important to know a few HIIT tips for beginners.


Know When to Stop

A HIIT workout is intense and if you are a beginner, your body might not be flexible enough and there is a good chance that you might end up injuring yourself. With a HIIT workout, while pushing yourself is the key, always know when to stop. If you are pushing yourself too hard, you may end up with an injury and burn yourself out.


Gradually Add HIIT Workout to Your Fitness Regime

Typically HIIT workouts are short but intense. And for people aiming for weight loss, this could be very tempting. But for a beginner, it is essential to know that trying a HIIT workout everyday can put your body at a risk of injury. So it is important that you start slow and aim for two HIIT sessions in a week. Later, as your body gets used to it; increase it up to four sessions a week.  

Now that you know the basics, let’s get started with our at home, beginner level HIIT workout.


Heel Taps (30 seconds)

Start with lying down straight on the floor. Make sure your upper back is pulled towards the ground at all times. With your legs hip-distance apart, bend your knees. Now touch your right arm to the right toe (while keeping your upper back on the ground but your head and shoulders lifted above the ground) and do the same with your left arm. Continue alternating your hands, moving from side to side for 30 seconds. Initially, aim for speed and later you can work on increasing the duration.  


Alternating Lunges (30 seconds)

Stand straight with your feet hip-distance apart. Step out in the front with your left leg, bending it and pushing your hips back. Return back to the original position and repeat the lunge with your right leg, doing it as fast as you can. Continue alternating sides for 30 seconds and let your body relax for another 30 seconds before you move on to the next workout.


Jumping Jacks (30 seconds)

We have all tried jumping jacks at some point in our lives so why not do it now. Start by standing straight with your knees slightly bent and your hands placed on the thighs. Now jump open your legs on the sides and your arms doing the same motion. Make sure your arms are now on top of your head and your legs are shoulder-width apart. Now again with a jump, return to your original position. With a 30 second workout, aim for at least 20 jumping jacks.


Plank Jacks (30 seconds)

Starting from a low plank position, hop your feet out. Make sure your feet are hip distance apart. Now hop back to the starting position. With this workout, you have to be very careful about your abs and hips. Keep your abs tight and do not let your hip pop up above the height of your shoulders.


Russian Twist (30 seconds)

Want a HIIT workout that strengthens your core? Try Russian twist. Now this is not a normal twist while you lie flat. Instead, your body makes a V-shape (with your legs making an angle of 45o with the floor and your upper body lifted straight, up from the ground) as you twist your arms from side to side.


High Knees (30 seconds)

A HIIT workout is incomplete without high knees. Start with a standing position and keep your feet hip distance apart. Now bend your right knee and bring it up to your chest. Then, repeat the same movement with your other knee. By alternating your knees and bringing them up to the chest, you appear as if you are marching really quickly. Continue this workout for 30 seconds and do it as fast as you can.


Burpees (30 seconds)

If you are aiming for a full body HIIT workout then burpees are a must. Stand with your feet shoulder-distance apart and arms by your sides. Your weight will lie on your heels. Now lower your body andform a squat position by pushing your hips back and bending your knees. Next, place your hands directly in front of you on the ground, quickly shifting your weight on your hands.

As you get into this position push your legs behind you and get into the plank position. From plank, jump your feet back so they just land outside your hands with your arms reaching over your head as you jump up in the air. As you land, immediately lower back into a squat position and repeat. In the beginning, it may take up to 30 seconds to complete one set but later as you get hold of this workout, it will become easier to do more repetitions.


Bent-Leg Raise (30 seconds)

With your back on the floor, start by laying down straight. . Now place your hands under your buttocks and lift and bend your knees such that your calf is elevated but parallel to the ground. As you get into this position, you get a crunch in your abdomen and you return back to your original position.


HIIT workouts are intense and effective but you can perform them at home without any equipment. So, get start with your HIIT session for beginners right away!

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